Peter parker soulmate tumblr

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Peter parker soulmate tumblr

Peter Parker x Reader //Peter asks you out//

Part 2. Originally posted by starkquinzel. I woke up late and in a hurry so I scurried out of my room into the kitchen. My moms eyes widened and then she sprouted the biggest grin ever. I looked at her like she was crazy. She sighed and pointed to my arm.

I looked down.

peter parker soulmate tumblr

A slight blush crept across my cheeks. And that brings me here today, Thursday. I thought over this tattoo probably over a thousand time. I kept on reading the tattoo as if I was walking around town at night and some random guy just passed me and said it, so I told myself to never fall in love with that man. A thick scream erupted through my thoughts.

I looked down the street and a man with huge wings was flying past. I ducked as he flew overhead. I looked back down the street as Spider-Man swung on top of a building. I backed against a wall as the winged man and Spider-Man fought. I glanced down the street, wondering if I should run for it. I decided that yeah… I might get crushed by this weird vulture guy but also I wanna get the hell out of here.

So I ran. As I got closer to the end of the street I heard a crash in an alley I just passed. I stopped and looked over my shoulder, then up above me. The man with wings was flying away. I sighed and ran back to the alley. At the end, there was a trashcan with Spider-Man laying across the top.Originally posted by ann-fortunately. Laughter: a peculiar thing. Legend spins a mystery stating that when two soul mates laugh at the exact same time, they can hear each other and see their location.

From then, they are connected. Whenever one laughs, dimly, it can be heard in the distance, like a lighthouse on the shore calling them together.

peter parker soulmate au

Dedicated to mortalkingss for her support and always making me smile with her comments!! Thank you :. It was a blissful morning. The birds seemed to dance together in a flutter of grey and white feathers, pigeons cooing softly in the golden sunlight. The wind scattered and pushed trash along the sidewalks like a New York version of a tumbleweed. You took a deep breath and sighed, closing your eyes.

You were on your way to school. Today you had time to stop and get a coffee. The streets were already alive with the cacophony of horns and the screech of tires on wet pavement. Exhaling, you walked inside. It was warm and cozy. A hint of cinnamon floated in the air, and the rumble of voices filled every corner. A soft buzz against your behind diverted your attention elsewhere.

You unlocked your phone and looked down. A hot blush rushed to your face, and you quickly jammed your phone back into your pocket before you could read the next part. It was from your best friend, and they were being adventurous this morning.

Both of you looked up at the exact same time, but it was too late. Body hit body, and coffee flew in a high, brown arc above you. It rained down in large, chocolate teardrops, scalding your skin.

The world tipped as you both fell, the cold tile smacking against your face. Small laughter, combined with a snort, broke out in the coffee shop. You scrambled up, coming face to face with no other than Peter Parker, face now revealed under his hoodie.

You stared at him, mouth agape. D-did I burn you? Your skin tingled at the contact, and you jumped. Before you could respond, you slipped and turned, breaking into a run out of the coffee shop. Now aware of the burns, you swore loudly. You stopped running, looking around for Peter Parker. Thankfully, he was no where.

Peter Parker had been your crush forever.Your timer says otherwise. On the day your timer is supposed to go off, Spider-Man shows up at your window. I wrote this a bit ago and finally got the courage to post it.

Originally posted by hardyness. You always wondered if your timer worked. They always found their soulmate and was content, at least to your knowledge. But your experience was different. You were absolutely certain the sweet, dorky, science-loving, cute nerd that was your best friend was it. He understood you, helped you out, comforted you, and most importantly, in your opinion helped you out with homework.

Of course, with this thinking, you obviously had a huge crush on him. Today was the day your timer was supposed to go off.

As soon as you get home, you forget about homework and go straight to pictures of him, hoping that would work. Suddenly, a knock on your window diverts your attention. You turn around, only to see an actual person and not a bird or anything one would expect.

And not any person, but a superhero. Maybe if you did this fast enough, you could still look at pictures of Peter, you reason. Deciding it would be best to actually help him out, you ask him about his mask. I understand if you want t-to keep your identity a secret. Sooner or later? You personally know Spider-Man? No freaking way! You could hardly believe it.Warnings: Lots of swearing. More than usual. Requested by crowleys-poppet-queen-of-asgard.

Soulmates were stupid. Worst idea ever. Who the hell even thought of them? You pull your sweatshirt down again, covering the spider. On the con side though, whenever a soulmate was feeling strong emotions, their tattoo would move. So once or twice a day, the giant ass spider would move.

You cringe at the thought. You grab your backpack and angrily shove your books into your backpack, muttering rapidly in a mocking voice. The backpack was slung over your shoulder as you stomped out the door. Steiner says, jarring you out of your thoughts.

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You see that the class had arranged their chairs in a circle and you slowly drag your chair to an empty spot, trying to take as long as possible. People began to recite how they met their soulmates and proudly tell the story of how they first saw their tattoo.

You shrunk in your seat and by the time it was your turn to speak, sweating bullets. Muttering breaks out between your peers, boys and girls alike not so subtly gossiping about you. Steiner shushed them. You consider staying quiet and dodging the question, but the anger you felt this morning returned.

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A few people gasp and Mrs. Across the circle, Peter Parker looks just as uncomfortable. You see him toy with his shirt, fulling the hem of his sweater down.

On the left side… You think, remembering your frustration with your left hip in the morning. He caught you staring, sending you a questioning look, to which you turned away quickly. Thankfully the bell rang, cutting off Mrs. As students hurried out of the class your curiosity peaked, making you desperate to see what Peter was hiding.Originally posted by ann-fortunately. Why they decided to keep this from you? They knew from the beginning that you would be upset about having someone tied to you.

The only reason you even know now is because Vision decided it was time to tell you. So now here you are, screaming at Vision about how soulmates are stupid and being tied down to someone relinquishes fun and freedom. Vision nods in understanding. You look over to him and a question blossoms in your brain.

A strange concept but some how I sill have one. Suddenly Happy walks through your door, effectively surprising you and Vision. Is what everyone else feels when you phase threw walls. Just before you step in your bracelet starts to faintly glow. You hear a similar scream of pain and look up to see a young boy, around your age and most likely the recruit doubled over and covering his wrist.

You can barely make out the gold and red glow under his hand. Vision slowly gets up and walks over to you.

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He lifts the bracelet up and you can see the slight burn mark. He examines the mark before grabbing your hand lightly and walking with you someplace.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Vision knocks on the door and not two seconds later the door is opening to reveal Helen. She gestures for you two to come in and has you sit on her bed. She moves the bracelet aside and gasps at the mark. You and Vision look at her in disbelief. You nod and thank her, taking the medicine and leaving with Vision trailing behind you. You should talk to Tony or Happy, they seem to have spent time with him so maybe you can get more information.

You nod and pull out your phone, trying Happy first. Vision follows until you step inside. He waves goodbye to you and you reciprocate. You walk into his office and sit in the seat in front of his desk.Hey guys! This is my first imagine!

peter parker soulmate tumblr

Hope that makes sense!!! Gosh, why did Math have to be required? She smirked. At least he looked as bored as she did. Glancing down, she read the same two words she had read a thousand times.

But soon after her fifteenth birthday, a certain superhero made his debut. She remembered watching him for the first time on YouTube, the name sparking her interest because of the words tattooed on her skin. It had been over a year since then, and Spider-Man only grew in fame. The fact that her soulmate might be the superhero scared her to death.

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Then again, her soulmate could be someone just claiming to be the hero, and that possibility gave her a small source of hope. Anytime someone mentioned him, her heart skipped. Any fight they mentioned that he was involved in filled her with worry. She pushed all of this aside claiming to just be a big fan of him and his work.

The only thing she stopped for was to let Peter catch up.

peter parker soulmate tumblr

Peter had been her best friend since they started Midtown when they sat next to each other in their first class. Both nervous, nerdy, and a bit shy, they quickly bonded. The tie between them had stayed strong for all these years. Peter put his hands up to defend himself. You should know that by now. It came out more bitter than she meant it… Or maybe not.

If you get a chance, stop by. He gave her a grateful smile before wrapping his arms around her in a hug. She watched after her before blowing air between her lips. He was always so busy between his internship and school and helping his Aunt May. She decided it would be best to just… Leave him be. Whenever he asked, she would always let him do his thing.

Even if it meant missing his company. And his smile.

peter parker x soulmate

And his laugh that made her stomach flip. And those beautiful eyes that made her—. She had barely realized she was almost at her building, she was so busy thinking. These sorts of thoughts were coming to mind more and more often, and she hated it. In a world of soulmates, crushes always sucked.Requested by: mega-trash-cringe.

You were in your studio working on your lastest art piece whilst humming to Fav Song which was playing in the background. Unlike your father, you had a passion for art ever since you could pick up the brush. Friday says. Letting out a large sigh you place your paint brush down and make your way towards the door and open it to see your father.

Your father says making you let out a scoff. You answer then take a bite of your pizza. He says placing a hand on your head. Your father let out a sigh and pulled you into a warm embrace.

peter parker soulmate tumblr

You let out a small giggle as he places a kiss on your head. He says pointing to his tablet. You mean Spiderman? You start jumping in excitement. As your dad makes a quick phone call probably to Happy you make your way towards the kitchen to get a drink, after grabbing a battle of flavoured water you pour some into a glass and as you start to drink you notice a thin red string wrapped around your pinkie.

An invitation? Happy says getting out of his car. Peter stumbles over his own words still trying to prosess what just happened. Happy and Mr. Parker, Mr. Friday says as the two men enter the elevator. Happy is there anyone else meeting us here? Or moving here? Or a new recruit? Peter asks as her runs the back of his neck due to nervesness. As in Name Stark?

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